25 November 2009

Turkey, Turkey , Turkey, can't you see, sometimes your words just hypnotize me

Since 1947, the president has pardoned two turkeys
every Thanksgiving from becoming someone's dinner.
They get to stay in a fancy suite at a fancy hotel in D.C.
and are flown first-class to Disneyland where they ride on a
float in the Thanksgiving day parade. Then they get
sent to a farm to live the rest of their turkey days doing
whatever it is non-dead turkeys do. They usually have
cutesy names like Pecan, Yam, and Biscuit. Unfortunately,
they usually die before the next Thanksgiving anyway.
They're too fat and hormoned up...they just weren't
raised to live a long time. They were raised to be
plump and juicy and delicious.
Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow!

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